Pat Condell: ‘I-S-L-A-M spells jihad’

Pat Condell, the outspoken and plainspoken British comedian, political commentator, and opponent of Islamic extremists, let almost an entire week lapse before unleashing on the two jihadists who hacked a young British soldier to death.

In this video is message is simple — Muslims must openly reject any notion of jihad.

In the wake of the tragedy, Condell noted that “crucially, we heard no rejection by any Muslim of the Islamic, scriptially-mandated doctrine of violent, armed jihad, which is thew actual problem here.”

“I-s-l-a-m,” he said, “spells jihad. And please, no more garbage about jihad being a journey. It’s a journey all right — into mental illness, and we’re not going along for the ride.”

No matter what your opinion of Condell, you always know where he stands on an issue.

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