Guy who illegally recorded McConnell goes girly-man for Salon

Curtis Morrison thought he was going to be a hero by sneaking into a Mitch McConnell campaign headquarters back in February to illegally tape a strategy meeting.

He was going to take down the “most powerful Republican on the planet”!

He was going to strike a blow for liberal activists everywhere!

crying girlHe might even meet Ashley Judd!

He ended up unemployed, living in his car and getting called mean things on TV by Democrats he worshipped – including a special one he liked to think of as “Congressman Awesome.”

But he took it all like a man: He had himself a good cry.

In a truly pathetic piece posted Friday on Salon, Morrison describes how and why he and an erstwhile friend made the tape of the Kentucky Republican senator’s campaign discussing possible strategies in a re-election fight against Judd, the Hollywood liberal with Kentucky roots.

Morrison admits he made the tape. He admits he thinks Julian Assange – the Wikileaks founder now dodging sex charges by hiding out in London’s Ecuadorean embassy – is a personal hero.

And if he doesn’t come right out and admit that he’s crazy, his affinity for an  activist actress is a pretty strong clue:

“I’ve never met Judd, but I identify with her. We’re both the same age, have endured similar personal struggles. We both spent our 20s looking out for ourselves while suppressing a calling to higher service …”

McConnell should be grateful Morrison decided his “higher service” was making an illegal tape, instead of doing something more John Hinckley-esque for his Hollywood heroin.

When Mother Jones published the tape, it was hoping to make McConnell look bad. But Morrison’s fevered wet dream of political espionage – in his head it probably ends with him in bed with Judd (or “Congressman Awesome”) – really makes everyone look bad but McConnell.

It makes Morrison look bad, but he’s crazy pathetic, so it doesn’t matter.

It makes Mother Jones look bad – like it was just trying to repeat the hatchet-job glory of the Romney “47 percent” speech it published in 2012.

But it really makes Democrats look bad. Not only are their political operatives pathetic (imagine G. Gordon Liddy crying over anything), but this party of compassion really has none for the truly disturbed.

Whether it’s a deranged Cindy Sheehan, a woman unhinged by the death of her son and fully vulnerable to Democratic-media exploitation, or a sad little Curtis Morrison, now living in California, crying into his daiquiris and planning to attend law school, Democrats have no problem taking advantage of the mentally disturbed when it comes to scoring political points.

Now, the question is, why are so many mentally disturbed people Democrats?


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