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Fla. teacher faked terminal illness for a year to skip class

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Ashley BarkerA Florida first grade teacher admitted to school authorities that she had spent the last school year weaving an intricate tale that both she and her father suffered from terminal illnesses so that she could repeatedly skip class.

On the subject of teachers’ work ethics, radio personality Adam Carolla let loose one of his famous rants recently on “Teacher Appreciation Week.” He observed that “they literally work one-third of the time!” Apparently one-third of the time was too exhausting for Laurel Elementary School teacher Ashley Barker, according to WFYV Channel 9 News.

The school district accommodated Barker throughout the school year by granting the hooky player not only days off but by allowing allowing her to leave early so she could meet doctor appointments and hospital visits — appointments and visits that were all a fabrication.

How many times had she done this? The school district isn’t saying, but it will admit to having received 120 letters and emails from her requesting time off. If we assume one for each request, that would account for 24 weeks, reducing Adam Carolla’s observation of teachers working one-third of the time down to darned near zilch.

WFTV reported:

When allegations surfaced about Barker’s tale, district investigators said they found out her story was made up and that she and her father were not sick.

When the district confronted her, Barker said she was sitting at home the entire time.

She reportedly hired a lawyer and is fighting to keep her job. Given the school district’s liberal sick leave policy, one can see why.

Parents of children attending the Polk County elementary school were dumbfounded.

“Wow. That’s kind of scary,” said parent Ralie Ortiz. “Because if she lies about that, she can lie about anything.”

Given that observation, if Barker loses her case against the school district, she may have a future with the Obama administration covering up scandals. But the problem is, she’ll have to show up for work each day.

H/T The Daily Caller.


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