Fla. illegal on welfare for 20 years shows others how to milk system

“Welfare is not a career opportunity,” unless you’re an illegal immigrant, mother of seven on food stamps, and collecting social security, of all things, in the great state of Florida.

Fla food stamp programFox News’ Steve Harrigan reported on the completely out-of-control food stamp program in Fla. with a story that will set your teeth on edge.

Illegal immigrant Marita Nelson, 50, is a single mother of seven who collects $240 in food stamps, receives child support, and “government funded housing, medication and $700 a month in social security.” And she has been getting assistance for the last 20 years. Twenty years. Now Nelson wants others in her situation to know they can get the same help.

How she possibly collects social security isn’t explained, but Harrigan reported on Florida’s federal assistance recruiters who sign people – “clients” – up for “multiple federal aid programs at the same time.”

The goal of these recruiters is to “increase federal aid to Florida by one billion dollars a year,” Harrigan said.

And with story after story of people like Nelson, it sadly sounds like the state stays right on track.

Please take a moment to watch via “Special Report” here:

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