Video: Dem lawmakers exposed when reporters pose as homeless

Project Veritas homeless

James O’Keefe’s latest Project Veritas undertaking is something we’ve long suspected but rarely proved — the hypocrisy of liberal lawmakers. O’Keefe does so magnificently.

At issue is California’s “Homeless Person’s Bill of Rights and Fairness Act,” a bill backed by Democratic Assemblymen Roger Dickinson and Tom Ammiano, which would grant any homeless person the right “to move freely, rest, eat, share, accept, or give food or water, and solicit donations in public spaces,” according to The Daily Caller.

“The effect of this proposed legislation,” James O’Keefe during the video narration, “is that homeless people would be entitled to sleep or solicit donations on any public sidewalk.”

In an interview withThe Daily Caller, O’Keefe explained, “Essentially, the bill gives homeless people a ‘right’ to sleep out in front of your house. We wanted to see how the assemblyman would react if he had homeless people sleeping out in front of his house. And what do you know? Dickinson called the cops on us.”

The undercover journalists posing as homeless people loiter on the sidewalk in from of Dickinson’s home for 45 minutes, encountering several pedestrians and vehicular traffic without incident. However, when the assemblyman leaves his home and notices the ”vagrants,” it only takes a few more minutes before the police arrive.

“Basically around here, you want to keep it moving because it’s going to draw unwanted attention,” the officer admitted after some initial give-and-take. “I’m saying you don’t want to hang out in this neighborhood, really.”

In the second half of the video, the “homeless” journalists move on to the sidewalk in from if the San Francisco office of Ammiano, the second assemblyman. This time the results were more sinister.

When they loitered in front of the office without incident, they packed up their gear to call it a day. Soon Homeland Security agents arrived, demanding that the video be turned over in violation of the journalists’ Fourth Amendment rights.

The Fourth Amendment prohibits unreasonable searches and seizures; the courts have consistently held that warrantless searches are per se unreasonable except in certain circumstances. This was not one of them.

The two encounters are reminiscent of the late Sen. Edward “Ted” Kennedy, who strongly supported green energy, yet fought tooth and nail against the Cape Wind Project, consisting of an offshore wind farm in Nantucket Sound. The reason for the senator’s opposition? He would have seen the turbines from the Kennedy compound.

In short, liberal policy is fine for liberals, so long as it’s not in their backyard.

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34 thoughts on “Video: Dem lawmakers exposed when reporters pose as homeless

  1. Luther Henry says:

    Who is next? You ask. Anybody and everybody who does not kowtow to this tyrannical administration and it's goon squads. An overwhelming majority of morons voted for this impostor and his handlers, twice. We are getting the government we deserve and it ain't gonna be pretty. Thanks to the liberal fools who are looking for handouts and to the millions of republicans who just sat out the last election. Majority rules folks and we got screwed, bigtime. Anyone have any suggestions?

  2. cesar says:

    if they have a twitter of facebook account post the video to their page.

  3. Sarah says:

    I was quite disturbed when the cop told them basically they were asking for donations that couldn't be taxed. I know CA is in financial trouble, but really?

  4. Anna says:

    "In the second half of the video, the “homeless” journalists move on to the sidewalk in from if the San Francisco office of Ammiano, the second assemblyman."

    Doesn't anyone read this for errors before they post it on the internet?

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