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Poll worker who voted for Obama multiple times convicted of voting fraud

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Ohio-voter-fraudSurely, you recall Melowese Richardson, the Democratic poll worker in the critical battleground state of Ohio who may have voted for Barack Obama up to six times in November.

Upon being charged, she vowed to fight “for Mr. Obama’s right to sit as president of the United States.”

Well, she gave up the fight in short order.

With little media fanfare, it was announced Tuesday that Richardson pleaded no contest to four counts of illegal voting – including voting three times for a relative who has been in a coma since 2003 – in exchange for prosecutors dropping four other illegal voting charges, according to Cincinnati.com.

Richardson acknowledged in November that she voted by absentee ballot and then again at a precinct because she was afraid her absentee ballot would not be counted, according to Cincinnati’s Channel 9.

She also said she sent in an absentee ballot for her granddaughter, who voted at the precinct. And three other registered voters at Richardson’s address sent in absentee ballots at the same time, all with similar handwriting.

Richardson, who’ll be sentenced on July 9, is the third person in Hamilton County to be convicted this year for illegal voting.

Tom Tillison


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