Bloomberg reloads: ‘Bigger, richer, meaner gun-control movement’

Their April defeat in the Senate isn’t stopping the gun-control crowd.

Bouyed by Democrats shaken by their own lack of commitment to the Second Amendment and, above all, by the money billionaire New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg is willing to commit to the cause, gun controllers are pressing ahead with their agenda. They’re confident that if they can just make Americans see “reason,” they can launch yet another assault on the Bill of Rights – this time successfully.

guys with gunsIn a long, long article in this month’s The New Republic — the progressive “Bible” of American politics, if American progressives
deigned to have such a thing – senior editor Alec MacGillis predicts the NRA’s end, at the hands of a “bigger, richer, meaner gun-control movement.”

When you get rid of the fat – post-Newtown emotion, the relative decline of gun ownership, retail-politics anecdotes about the rubes in the hinterlands – the article boils down to Bloomberg, his money and all the organizational and power money can buy

Their first step will be using that money to scare Democratic incumbents into line with primary challenges (a la the tea party keeping Republican feet to the fire), then with a slate of ardent, ideologically purified candidates, they’ll pour on the Bloomberg millions in general elections.

And almost all of it will be under the approving gaze of a media that won’t let the obvious antipathy of the president they helped elect deter them from being national a cheerleading squad for his progressive goal of disarming the American public.

“The de facto headquarters for post-Newtown gun-control activism is New York City Hall,” MacGillis writes.

Fair enough, let Gotham bury Gotham.

The question is whether the rest of America – the part that thinks “shall not be infringed” means what it says – will let Gotham bury it,

In 2014, get ready for a “bigger, richer, meaner gun-control movement” to try to do exactly that.

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