Tiny Lego gun on school bus gets child in absurd trouble

Lego gunThese insane cases of schools completely overreacting to Pop Tart guns and other gun-like toys has reached an all new level of crazy.

A Massachusetts kindergarten student received a detention, was forced to write a letter of apology and is now facing suspension from the school bus for bringing a teeny-tiny, plastic Lego, gun-looking toy on the bus.

“Another student on the bus saw the toy and yelled to the driver,” and the discipline began, WGGB-TV reported.

The Old Mill Pond Elementary School sent a letter home to parents explaining the “incident,” because the bus driver said the boy caused a “disturbance” and the other children were “traumatized,” the boy’s mother told the station.

“I think they over-reacted totally. I totally do,” Mieke Crane, the mom, said. She is rightfully upset with the punishment her son has received.

“The letter also has a photo of the toy showing it’s actual size, which is slightly larger than a quarter,” the report said.

Incredibly, the child who “yelled about seeing the gun” to the bus driver also was forced to apologize, a move that neither Crane nor that child’s mother agree with. Both mothers’ believe kids should always report seeing a gun at school, but something as tiny as a Lego toy?

When does it end? Quite frankly, these stories traumatize me.

Read about the 7-year old suspended for biting Pop Tart into gun shape here.

Watch the WGGB-TV interview with the mother here:

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