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Peter King throws hissy fit, won’t attend dinner with Sen. Cruz

peter king
Photo Credit: The Reid Report Blog

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The bitter, angry, old U.S. Rep. from New York Peter King is thumbing his nose at the state GOP by refusing to attend a dinner with guest speaker Sen. Ted Cruz.

The New York Republican State Committee asked Cruz to be a “featured guest” at its fundraising dinner Wednesday evening, but the blustering, windbag King is still fuming over those Republicans who didn’t support the Hurricane Sandy relief bill from January.

“Once I found it was him,” King told BuzzFeed, “I decided not to go. I don’t know if I would have gone or not because of scheduling things, but that made it easy once I found out it was Ted Cruz.”

“I don’t think we should be acknowledging people who are voting against us in our hour of need,” King said.

New York’s GOP Chairman Ed Cox responded to King’s criticism of the invitation to have Cruz speak at the dinner.

“Ted Cruz made it absolutely clear he was all for Sandy aid but he was against the pork which was stuffed in there by the Democrats, and that’s what he was voting against,” Cox said, according to the article. “This is very much going to be about growth and opportunity, showing the diversity that is the Republican Party here in New York State.”

BuzzFeed later updated its story after hearing from a “high ranking New York Republican” who said King’s refusal to attend the dinner was simply “grandstanding.”

“What Pete King is doing is grandstanding for the media. To call what Pete King is doing is a boycott sort of misses the point,” the Republican said, BuzzFeed reported. “Pete King does nothing to help other Republicans in New York State other than Pete King. He hasn’t been to a state dinner in anyone’s recent memory.”

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