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Obama’s best Nixon lines on video

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Since scandals started being directed at the Obama administration, conservatives began comparing the current White House with one 40 years earlier — that of Richard M. Nixon. Liberals pooh-poohed the very idea, but a video comparison of the two chief executives indicates otherwise..

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Public perception of the Obama administration began sinking fast when senior White House advisor Dan Pfeiffer appeared on “Face the Nation” May 19. If he thought he had an ally in host Bob Schieffer he was wrong.

When the veteran newsman brought up the rash of administration scandals, Pfeiffer replied that the president wasn’t going to let himself get bogged down by concerning himself with them. Pheiffer didn’t get the reply he expected.

“I don’t want to compare this in any way to Watergate … but I have to tell you, that is exactly the approach the Nixon administration took. You’re taking exactly the same line,” Schieffer said according to CBS News.

It only got worse after that.

NSNBC analyst Jonathan Alter wasn’t convinced. He tweeted:

Alter tweet

It didn’t take long for Misfit Politics CEO Brandon Morse to come submit a comeback, together with a video:

Morse tweet

Schieffer’s Nixon-Obama comparison prompted the video Morse referred to, compiled by Revealing Politics a 501(c)4 organization established “to educate the citizenry about all things political,” according to its website.

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