Fox News host hangs up on Geraldo during explosive on-air shouting match

geraldo riveraFox News Channel hosts Eric Bolling and Geraldo Rivera got into a huge argument on Rivera’s radio program Tuesday, which came to an abrupt end when Bolling hung up on him.

Rivera was in a familiar role of defending President Obama as he suggested Bolling was “concentrating on the wrong thing” by asking what Obama “should have done as commander in chief to save those lives in distress,” since high ranking military officials have said “they could do nothing to save those people.”

In response, Bolling asked who gave the order to “stand down,” saying the military abandoned its 237-year-old motto to “leave no one behind.”

Rivera asserted that Bolling was “alleging” that a stand down order was given, asking “where did you get that from.. what movie are you watching, what stand down order?”

“You’re making the president look like a damn murderer, Eric, and it is so irresponsible. And you are feeding the survivors of these victims with a false narrative so they hate the president and they accuse the president of being a murderer based on false reporting,” Rivera proclaimed.

“I’m not doing this,” Bolling shot back. “These are the facts. You guys can look them up and I’ll talk to you about it next week.” He then hung up.

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Tom Tillison


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