Bowhunters stand with the NRA to defend Second Amendment

Anti-gun activists routinely say they’re not against guns for hunting, but they aren’t fooling anyone.

Citing the natural overlap between the gun-rights groups and the bow-hunting community – and their natural enemies in the gun-control crowd, Bowhunter Magazine has published an editorial urging bow hunters to work together with the NRA to protect Americans’ constitutional right to bear arms.

“Arms” isn’t limited to firearms. If the Obama administration and its congressional allies manage to hit gun rights, bow hunters will be the next target, the magazine says under the headline “Show unity, not weakness.”

“There is no doubt the anti-gun community is, in part, colonized by anti-hunting elements. They operate covertly because they want to the focus to be on guns. In their twisted minds, if guns go away, so goes hunting,” the editorial states.

“The anti-hunting community will use any means to stop hunting, and if emasculating the Second Amendment helps they’ll support it. They they’ll move on to bowhunting. All hunters stand in front of the same bull’s-eye, which is precisely why we must stand united.”

HT: Washington Examiner

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