Disturbing attack on another soldier occurs in Paris

Just days after a soldier was killed in broad daylight on a London street, a similar attack has occurred in Paris. A 23-year-old French soldier, who was on patrol at a suburban train station at La Defense on Saturday afternoon, was attacked and stabbed in the neck.

The assailant, who was described as a young man wearing a Muslim prayer cap and a North African-style robe, was caught by a security camera but escaped after shedding the robe and disappearing into the train station.

The soldier reportedly lost a lot of blood, but is in stable condition in a military hospital and is expected to recover, according to the BBC.

“We still don’t know the exact circumstances of the attack or the identity of the attacker, but we are exploring all options,” President Francois Hollande told journalists.

France has remained on high alert following their involvement in Mali and resulting threats afterward from a North African wing of al-Quaida.

“They tried to kill the soldier because he was a soldier,” French Defence Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian said. He added that he was determined to lead “an implacable fight against terrorism”.

It is unknown if this incident was related to the one earlier in the week in London, or if it was a copycat attack. Due to the nature of the case, it has been assigned to a counter-terrorism prosecutor for investigation.

Watch the Sky News report via The Australian here.

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