Federal judge rules against Sheriff Joe Arpaio in racial profile case

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A federal judge ruled Friday that Maricopa County sheriff Joe Arpaio violated the constitutional rights of Latino drivers in his crackdown on illegal immigration, saying race was used as a factor in law enforcement decisions.

The decision was in response to a class-action lawsuit brought by Hispanics, and U.S. District Court Judge Murray Snow ordered that Arpaio cease using race or ancestry as a grounds to stop vehicles.

Snow also ruled Arpaio’s deputies unreasonably prolonged the detentions of people who were pulled over, the Washington Post reported.

Arpaio, known as “America’s toughest sheriff,” has long been a target of the far-left because of his refusal to “coddle” inmates and his audacity to uphold immigration laws in the nation’s busiest illegal entryway.

The Arizona lawman upped the ante in this battle last year when he initiated an investigation into President Obama’s long-form birth certificate released by the White House in April 2011. An investigation that found that it was a computer-generated forgery, as reported by Fox News.

Arpaio won’t face jail time or fines as a result of Friday’s ruling and declined comment, as did his lead attorney until after reading the 142-page decision.

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