Allen West plans his comeback for 2016

Former Florida GOP Congressman Allen West appeared on the Tammy Bruce radio show Friday and announced, among other things, that although he’ll be sitting out midterm elections, “there’s no doubt” that he’ll be throwing his hat back into the political ring in 2016.

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After discussing West’s Guardian Fund, Bruce asked the question on every conservative’s mind — whether he’ll be getting back into the political arena after his controversial, razor-thin loss in 2012.

“We now know that so many people have been arrested or indicted on voter fraud in this last election,” she said. “Many of us do believe you won that election, Allen. Does that bother you at all, would you ever re-run again? What are your thoughts on that?”

“Well, we’ll get back into the political scene, but there are so many things I can do right now that can really help us going forward to the midterm elections. It’s not about me; it’s about the team, it’s about our country and that’s what I’m focused on primarily,” West said. “So after the midterm election cycle we’ll look into getting back into the political framework in 2016. There’s no doubt about it,” West said.

“So you’re saying right now here to the Tammy audience that you are still open to moving back in the political arena directly?”

“Oh absolutely, there’s no doubt about that,” West said. “I mean, I’m not packing up and taking my toys and going away. But it’s once again something that you have to pray about and make sure God blesses it and you have to talk to the family, but right now they will be very supportive of doing something in that out-year cycle of 2016.”

Listen to a short clip below, or click here to hear the full 20 minute interview. H/T Real Clear Politics.

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