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Nancy Pelosi on the IRS scandal: It was Bush’s fault…or was it Boehner’s?

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House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., spoke to reporters Thursday on the IRS scandal where conservative groups were allegedly targeted for excessive scrutiny. Pelosi couldn’t wait to mention, and did so more than once, that the former acting director of the agency was a George W. Bush appointee.

“Since the IRS happened on President Obama’s watch, how much of a hit — or do you think at all Democrats will take a hit on the IRS in the 2014 midterms?” an unknown reporter asked.

“Well, you said it happened under his watch,” Pelosi replied. “It happened under the appointment of the head of the IRS, who was appointed by President Bush. His length of stay extended into President Obama’s stay.”

Pelosi said she was concerned about “how the IRS does what it’s supposed to do,” but when asked if the president should have known what was going on, she pointed blame in yet another direction.

“The president doesn’t know about everything that is going in every agency in government. Should Mr. Boehner have known because this is the neighborhood in Cincinnati where the IRS office is?” asked Pelosi. “It’s a Bush appointee, under his leadership this happened. It was wrong. Let’s make sure it doesn’t happen again.”

It was all George Bush’s fault.

Watch the video via CBS News here:


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