Fox’s Andrea Tantaros asks listeners to ‘punch’ Obama voters in the face

Andrea TantarosPlease don’t try this at home, but you can certainly enjoy the thought of following through with Fox News’ “The Five” host Andrea Tantaros’ recent request.

On her radio program Thursday, Tantaros was so angry over the Justice Department’s bogus investigation of fellow Fox colleague James Rosen, she asked viewers to punch Obama voters in the face for her.

After railing against the liberal media who accused Fox of being paranoid about the DOJ seizure of Rosen’s records and even the Associated Press reporters’ records, Tantaros went off on President Obama and those who actually voted for him:

This is what is happening to our press! This is Obama’s America! It’s like the Soviet Union.

He said he’d change the country. He said it. He said it. He said it. And a lot of people voted for him.

And if you see any of those people today, do me a favor, punch them in the face.

Then Bob, a listener who wasn’t listening properly, called in freaking out that she said people should punch Obama in the face.

Tantaros quickly corrected him:

To be clear, I didn’t say punch Obama in the face. You’re gonna get me arrested with this type of government, Bob.

If someone voted for him. If anyone that you know who voted for President Obama. Smack ‘em down.

What wishful thinking…

Listen here via Mediaite:

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