Okla. Sen. Coburn won’t cave on disaster pork: ‘You watch how we handle this’

This is how a conservative Republican smacks down the media.

Oklahoma Sen. Tom Coburn on Thursday went into the lion’s den of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” program and not only stuck to his guns on his longstanding opposition to pork-barrel spending dressed up as disaster relief, he went after liberalism’s essential premise that the government is the answer to all problems.

“This is all a game, and it’s a crass political game because I was being asked these questions before we even pulled the dead people out of the rubble,” Coburn said. “So it’s just typical Washington BS, quite frankly.”

Coburn is an outspoken critic of politicians larding relief efforts, such as those for Hurricane Sandy victims, with “provincial” spending.

The fact that a tornado had devastated his own constituents didn’t change anything. Oklahomans, he said, can take care of themselves.

“You watch how we handle this,” he said. “We’ll clean it up. We’ll get by. And we’ll rebuild.”

While his actual answers were refreshing, the way he handed the questions – actually pointed, implied criticisms – from his liberal hosts was perfect.

Remember Newt at his best during the Republican primary debates last year?

Coburn was better. It was personal.

Check it out.

HT: Politico

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