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Louis Farrakhan denounces ‘Satanic Jews’ as top Dem listens

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Even with national Democratic leaders in the audience, Calypso Louie still doesn’t miss a beat.

At 81, Louis Farrakhan is as still full of the old fire-breathing hatred of “Satanic Jews” and the Synagogue of Satan” as ever.

farrakhanAnd he still loves President Obama, and would probably love him even more if he didn’t surround “himself with Satan … members of the Jewish community.”

That was a report from the Detroit Free Press – no right-wing bastion there – about a speech the Nation of Islam leader delivered Friday night at a Detroit church.

Listeners to the man Rush Limbaugh listeners know as “Calypso Louie” — because of his pre-Nation of Islam entertainment career — included U.S. Rep. John Conyers, D-Detroit, the Free Press reported.

The anti-Jewish vitriol was old hat for Farrakhan watchers, but it’s always worth noting.

In the speech, Farrakhan said black leaders bear responsibility for amount of black-on-black crime in overwhelmingly black Detroit, something the president only glancingly referred to in his commencement address over the weekend at Morehouse College.

“Look at the violence in Detroit,” Farrakhan said. “It’s not white folks killing us. It’s us killing each other.”

But he saved his special attention for the Jews.

Jewish people “have mastered the civilization now, but they’ve mastered it in evil… Who’s the owner of Hollywood that creates images and makes the people think that what is created on the screen is the way we should live? That’s Satan … Satan has devoured much of

Eight decades on this earth, and it’s still the same old song for Calypso Louie.

HT: Slate


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