IRS, Benghazi and press scandals boost GOP on ethics, poll shows

More Americans trust the GOP than they trust Democrats on ethics issues, a Rasmussen poll published Wednesday shows.

Probably in response to constant stream of news – changing administration stories about the IRS bullying and the Benghazi attack, the Justice Department’s targeting of reports in leak investigation – a Rasmussen telephone survey found 39 percent of likely U.S. voters “now trust Republicans more to handle the ethics and corruption issue.”

Mysteriously, 37 percent still trust Democrats more.

Twenty-four percent weren’t sure, according to the report.

The surveys of 1,000 likely voters were conducted May 15 and 16, right before and right after the biggest breaks in the IRS story so far.

The margin of error was 3 percent, so the GOP can’t take anything for granted. But it’s worth noting that in August 2010, Republicans had a 40-38 edge on the ethics issue.

Elections that fall drove Nancy Pelosi from the House speaker’s seat and put the brakes on President Obama’s leftward lurch for the United States.



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