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How to tell if ‘Big Sis’ is watching you

Janet Napolitano
Photo Credit WesternJournalism.com

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In light of current reports that the Justice Department has been secretly investigating Fox News reporters, it’s only fair to wonder how far is government going to monitor the American people.

And indications suggest that traffic from government agencies is increasing on political websites.

In a report that screams “1984,” Independent Journal Review took a look at its own web traffic and says that among the major federal agencies, the Department of Homeland Security was the top viewer of IJReview.com.

Big Sis” is indeed watching.

IJ Review’s Kyle Becker shares that network domains from the CIA, FBI, State Department, DHS and DOJ can easily be found using Google Analytics.

Not only that, but he lays out exactly how to find out if your site is getting such traffic.

As the report notes, a privacy watchdog group filed a Freedom of Information Act request with Homeland Security that resulted in the release of a manual that includes hundreds of key words flagged online as “Items of Interest.”

Along with words you might expect to find on this list, such as “attack” and “al Qaeda,” you will also find innocuous words like “exercise,” “drill,” “initiative,” “relief” and “organization.”

In an age of rapidly expanding technology, and with an administration inclined to overreach, these are critical times that pit a citizen’s right to privacy against government’s responsibility to protect.

The only assurance of a favorable outcome will be an engaged citizenry.

Tom Tillison


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