Federal rules will keep IRS agents from being axed

And you wonder why they’re arrogant.

Senators investigating the IRS practice of targeting conservative groups for heightened scrutiny have wondered aloud why those responsible haven’t been fired.

Fired? They probably haven’t even gotten a stern talking to.

According to a Politco report, not only has no one been fired, there haven’t been any formal reprimands in the case.

Federal rules require a lengthy process for terminating a problem employee.

(And actually, since the IRS employees who harassed tea partiers in the run-up to the 2012 election in the Ohio battleground might well have helped re-elect the president, it’s not even clear the administration would consider them a “problem.” A “problem” would be the former second-ranking U.S. diplomat in Libya who told the world the about the administration fiddling while Benghazi burned. He’s probably making interns coffee in the State Department’s basement these days.)

According to Politico, federal employees facing termination have the right to appeal their case – twice if they lost on the first round.

The whole process, according to Politico, takes just under a year. Surprisingly, IRS employees going through the appeals process wouldn’t be paid while the case was being decided, according to the report. They would, however, be eligible for back pay if the termination were reversed.

And the best part of the deal for the workers in the IRS case, is they have a better chance of success if they’re being fired for a first offense.

So, IRS employees who’ve never before been accused of trying to help re-elect the first black president of the United States should get one free pass to stonewall citizens groups trying to participate in their own democracy.

They really can’t be punished. They could even be promoted to running the country’s health-care system.

You’d be arrogant, too.


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