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Megyn Kelly reports DOJ has been secretly targeting Fox News reporters

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In what started last week with the discovery that the Department of Justice had targeted the phone records of Associated Press reporters has now erupted into a disturbing pattern of behavior by administration officials exhibiting total disregard for constitutional constraints.

The Washington Post reported Sunday evening that DOJ officials not only secured the phone records of Fox News chief Washington correspondent James Rosen, but they also obtained a search warrant for his private email account. This is an important distinction, because a warrant requires an independent judge’s review, and may only be issued upon a showing of probable cause.

The affidavit the Justice Department submitted to support their search warrant application indicated that they believed Rosen had been engaged in a criminal conspiracy with a State Department security advisor — a claim they would have been hard-pressed to back up.

But as the late-night infomercial announcer says halfway through his pitch, wait! You ain’t seen nothing yet!

Fox News has since learned that Rosen wasn’t the only one of its employees targeted by DOJ. “America Live” host Megyn Kelly reported Monday afternoon that correspondent William La Jeunesse and DOJ and national-security senior producer Mike Levine can also be added to the Obama administration’s list of targeted news gatherers — so far.

The week beginning May 12 wasn’t a particularly god one for the Obama administration. The week of the 19th isn’t shaping up to be any better.

H/T The Blaze.


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