Daily Show co-creator says tornado tailor made for conservatives

Lizz WinsteadAs the citizens of Oklahoma count their dead, tend to their injured and survey the devastating landscape around them, a liberal woman who refers to herself as a comedian considered it the subject of humor.

Lizz Winstead, whose claim to fame is her co-creation of “The Daily Show,” couldn’t help taking to Twitter when she heard the news of the mile-wide tornado that destroyed much of the Oklahoma City area. In apparent recognition of the fact that Oklahoma is a staunch Republican stronghold populated by conservatives with pro-life, pro-traditional family values, she tweeted the following message:

Lizz tweet 1

Her tweet soon attracted some well-reasoned detractors.

Lizz tweet 2

Lizz Tweet 3

Lizz tweet 4

She eventually had a change of heart and offered a lame apology.

Lizz tweet 5

It was a case of too little, too late in my book.

H/T LifeNews

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