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Mia Love: ‘We have some unfinished business’

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Mia LoveA black conservative woman who became a national rising star in the GOP after her speech at the Republican National Convention in August, threw her hat in the ring for Utah’s Fourth Congressional district seat.

The young, attractive Saratoga Springs Mayor Mia Love announced her 2014 bid at the Utah Republican Organizing Convention 2014, according to Deseret News.

“We have some unfinished business with Jim Matheson,” she said.

This is Love’s second go-around with Matheson. Her 2012 run against the incumbent Democrat was accompanied with racial attacks. Her Wikipedia page was hacked to include racial slurs and sexual innuendo, which included referring to her as “a ‘dirty, worthless whore’ who sold out to big business. Another section again called her a ‘sell-out’ to the ‘right wing hate machine,’ before accusing her of being exploited ‘like the House N—– she truly is,'” according to a Fox News report.

In a Yahoo News commentary, Mark Whittington wrote:

Sadly, one can only expect for this sort of thing to happen again in 2014, especially if it looks like Love is going to succeed that second time around. The Democratic Party, especially in the age of Obama, has a lock on African American voters. Nothing could threaten that overwhelming support than someone like Love starting to ascend the modern day version of the cursus honorum. Therefore Love must be destroyed by any means necessary, in the minds of some.

If she succeeds this time, she will be the first black Republican woman elected to Congress.

Out of a total of 245,277 votes cast in 2012, Love lost the election by just 768 votes. This is a difference of less than one-third of one percent. As she said, she has “some unfinished business with Jim Matheson.”

Here’s the speech the brought her to the public’s attention.


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