CBS asks White House adviser why PR plan is to feign ignorance

Making the rounds on the Sunday news programs, White House adviser Dan Pfeiffer probably thought the interview with CBS’ Face the Nation host, Bob Schieffer, would be a cake walk. He was very wrong.

Schieffer grilled Pfeiffer on the numerous scandals, and asked why the administration feigns ignorance when the public is looking for answers. He began by saying that he didn’t want to make a comparison to Watergate, but the administration is taking the same approach to the scandals that the Nixon administration did.

“When the executive branch does things right, there doesn’t seem to be any hesitancy for the White House to take credit for that,” Schieffer said. “When Osama bin Laden was killed, the president didn’t waste any time getting out there and telling people about it.”

But with everything else, Schieffer used the example of Susan Rice who was sent out after Benghazi, people are sent out that don’t know anything about what is going on.

Pfeiffer defended White House actions and their attempts to inform the public, then asserted that emails released on Benghazi were “doctored” by the Republicans.

Schieffer asserted that it was just a PR plan, to send out somebody who didn’t know anything.

“Why didn’t the secretary of state come and tell us what they knew and if you knew nothing say, ‘We don’t know yet’? Why didn’t the White House chief of staff come out? I mean I would, and I mean this as no disrespect to you — why are you here today? Why isn’t the White House chief of staff here to tell us what happened?”

Surprise, Pfeiffer didn’t answer.

Watch the exchange here via Mediaite.


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