Glenn Beck goes off on NAACP: ‘They are a joke’

Beck on NAACPWhen former NAACP chairman Julian Bond alleged that the IRS had targeted that organization during the George W. Bush administration, talk radio host Glenn Beck had had enough and went off on the current crop of NAACP leadership.

“Dismiss them,” he urged his listeners. “They are a joke, and an affront to everything that Martin Luther King and anybody who ever — Booker T. Washington, Frederick Douglass, you are an affront to their memory.”

Beck suggested that his audience “Read Booker T. Washington and tell me that he would be a member of the NAACP. No way, no way. Read Martin Luther King and tell me that he would be a part of anything like this today. No way.”

After noting that Dr. King had marched with a lot of whites during the turbulent sixties, he brought up Reconstruction and the Jim Crow days in the deep south.

“Twenty percent of the lynchings in the south, 20 percent of the lynchings by the KKK, were of white people — white people. And you know what? I contend the white people that were lynched were exactly the kind of people that would be in the Tea Party today.”

H/T Mediaite

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