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Bill Maher: ’12 home invasions in my neighborhood, I ain’t giving up my gun’

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That’s right, uber-liberal Bill Maher owns a gun. Actually, he admitted to his HBO Real Time panel Friday night that he has two guns, one he keeps upstairs and one down.

Just moments before his confession, he slammed the Second Amendment, calling it “bulls–t” and said the left needs to go after it. Fellow liberal guest Michael Moore agreed. But then Maher made a stunning acknowledgement.

“As long as we live in the gun country, I ain’t giving up my gun,” Maher declared. “There have been twelve home invasions in my neighborhood in the last year.”

“There you go,” conservative guest S. E. Cupp replied.

Moore grilled Maher on the number of times he goes to the shooting range to practice, and after getting answers that weren’t satisfactory, he made a suggestion to Maher.

“Get a dog,” Moore said.

Watch the exchange here via Newsbusters.


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