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Burglars stuff homeowner in gun closet, victim comes out shooting

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Three burglars kicked in the front door of a Houston home, then beat the homeowner and stuffed him into an upstairs closet while they took their time looking for items to steal. The burglars were unaware that the closet they threw the homeowner into was one he used to store his gun collection.

Photo credit stopmebeforeivoteagain.org

The owner waited until the home invaders returned to the main level, then grabbed a firearm, loaded it and crept downstairs where he encountered one of the men. Gunfire was exchanged with the burglar receiving two non-fatal wounds — the homeowner was uninjured according to Houston ABC affiliate KTRK channel 13.

The other two burglars fled the scene in their vehicle as their injured cohort chased after them on foot before finally giving up and collapsing in the street.

Hearing the commotion, Craig Gaddis, a neighbor to the burgled homeowner walked outside to investigate.

“I saw the burglar lying on the concrete and there was already somebody standing over him, just a random driver,” Gaddis told KTRK. “It looked like he had blood coming out of his neck and his leg. He was saying something — turn me over, it hurts, move me.”

Watch the ABC-13 news footage below.


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