Saudi Arabian religious leader damns Twitter users to hell

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Saudi Arabian religious leaders are having such a conniption over the growing popularity of Twitter, one has even suggested users will spend an eternity in purgatory or hell or wherever social media sinners go.

Saudi religious police chief Sheikh Abdul Latif Abdul Aziz al-Sheikh “said anyone using social media sites – and especially Twitter – ‘has lost this world and his afterlife,’” the BBC reported.

According to the article, Saudi Arabia has seen the “world’s fastest increase in the uptake of Twitter,” bringing great concern to the kingdom that tweeters are blasting “sensitive political” and other information to the world.

Other top religious leaders have condemned Twitter and social media platforms, in general, as well. One warned “Twitter was a threat to national unity,” and another called those who tweet, “fools,” the BBC said.

The BBC explained further:

Recent protests in the Eastern Province have been tweeted and images of human rights activists on trial have been uploaded directly from courtrooms, challenging many taboos.

In response, the authorities have mooted moves that could inhibit Twitter users by linking their online accounts to their Saudi ID numbers.

A number of web activists have been detained, including at least one for the alleged apostasy, a charge that could carry the death penalty.

However, one Saudi billionaire realizes the reality of social media in today’s world. Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal said his country is fighting a “losing battle” in its efforts to restrict Twitter, and other social media.

 More from the BBC here.


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  1. David says:

    “Twitter was a threat to national unity,” No Twitter and other Social Media are a threat to the truth you require to kep hidden, just like your women….

  2. David says:

    By the way the only other "terrorist" I can think of who wore sheets was the KKK…….hmmm and even they didn't persecute their own women, …well not all of them…..

  3. Phyllis Kunz says:

    A twitter revelation will save your soul.

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