Megyn Kelly lashes out at liberal guest over Benghazi talking points

Democratic strategist Simon Rosenberg walked into a buzz saw Thursday when he appeared on Fox News Channel’s “America Live” and argued with host Megyn Kelly over the significance of the White House Benghazi talking points, prompting Kelly to shout, “Come on, Simon! Can we get some honesty?”

Kelly invited Rosenberg to appear with George W. Bush speechwriter and conservative columnist Mark Thiessen to discuss the significant changes administration officials had made to the CIA’s timeline of events surrounding the Sept. 11 terrorist attack.

Kelly’s hackles first rose when Simon suggested that “we haven’t learned anything new” about the events, and went on to propose, “we know that for several weeks afterwards the administration was confused about what happened.”

Kelly shot back, “You’re telling me Jay Carney was being truthful? He made a mistake twice in November and then again in May? Come on, Simon! It was not a mistake to say that it was only stylistic changes and only one word was changed. That’s not a mistake when we now know that the White House was the one meeting on this issue. Can we have some honesty? Wouldn’t it be so great?”

Even more entertaining than the back and forth between Kelly and Rosenberg is the expression on Thiessen’s face during the exchange. He clearly enjoyed seeing Rosenberg get hammered.

H/T Mediaite

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