Jay Carney’s acid trip on Piers Morgan: ‘They’re not scandals’

Opening the interview with a couple of very damning indictments from major newspapers, CNN’s Piers Morgan grilled White House Secretary Jay Carney Thursday on the numerous scandals the administration has faced this week. But Carney incredulously disagreed, basically saying there were no scandals.

“He’s a bystander occupying the most powerful office in the world,” Morgan quoted the New York Times’ appraisal of President Obama.

He continued with a Washington Post quote that said the president is like “…some bloke on a bar stool getting his information from the evening news.”

Carney was critical of the journalists who wrote those quotes, and noted that they would be equally as critical if the president had involved himself in a criminal investigation, speaking on the IRS scandal.

When asked about the emails released earlier in the week on the Benghazi talking points, Morgan asked if the State Department was more culpable than originally thought.

“The CIA talking points became the source of the faux controversy stirred up by the Republicans,” Carney said. In reference to Susan Rice’s appearance on Sunday shows, he said the “Republicans pounced and attacked,” and that the emails showed they were wrong.

Carney said on the seizure of AP phone records by the Dept. Of Justice, that he couldn’t comment on an ongoing criminal investigation, but that he – and the president – supports the First Amendment rights of the press.

Wrapping up the interview, Morgan asks if Carney ever thought he would have to deal with three scandals at once.

“I dismiss the premise of the idea that these are scandals…One is a total concoction made up by Republicans,” Carney said in regards to Benghazi. He noted that the other two issues are a result of “inappropriate behavior” which is being investigated, even though he referred to both as being “criminal investigations” earlier in the interview.

Watch the CNN video here via Mediaite.

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