Islamic cleric: Air conditioning for women ‘immoral’

In Saudi Arabia, the women are hot and the fatwas never end.

According to a report from International Business Times, a man “claiming to be a Salafist-Wahhabist cleric has decreed women should not turn on air conditioners or coolers at home in the absence of their husbands.”

The trollop’s just asking for it, “Abul Ala” maintains.

burkhawoman“When she turns the cooler on, someone may notice her presence home, and this might bring about immorality,” he writes.

So, the obvious question is, what kind of “cleric” sits around in his tent, slapping at flies and wondering whether women should turn on air conditioners when their husband’s not around?

To be fair, a fatwa is a pretty low standard of religious ruling – just about anyone with a background in Islam and a Twitter account can kick one out to the world these days. And the Iran-based Al Alam news network that originated the story makes a point of saying Salafist-Wahhabist clerics “have a distorted reading of Islam,” and sometimes issue rulings “incompatible with common sense.”

On the other hand, that Iran-based Salman Rushdie fatwa was dead on.

HT: IB Times


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