Glenn Beck gives Obama’s trifecta of scandals official name

While three – and possibly more – major Obama administration scandals are brewing, the mainstream media has yet to give any of them official names. There’s not a Benghazi-gate, an IRS-gate or AP-gate to be found. Conservative television and talk radio host Glenn Beck set out to change that on Wednesday.

Using the moniker #OSCANDALNAMES on Twitter, Beck asked for suggestions from his listeners on a name that could encompass all three current scandals — and any others that may be on the horizon.

“As a network we need a great name that explains what this is really all about, ties in all three scandals, makes sure that you know what we’re talking about here,” Glenn explained. “It can’t be something flippant, it can’t be like Scandalpalooza because it has to have some gravitas to it. It can’t be so in your face that your friends are like, ‘Oh, well, you’re just part of that conspiracy theory.’ Okay, got it. What should this scandal name be?”

Before long, #OSCANDALNAMES was trending worldwide:

Beck Twitter trends

While there are way too many suggestions to list, here are a few of Beck’s favorites:

 Beck tweets 1

 Beck tweets 2

Watch Beck announce his final choice here.

Beck final name









Photo credits: GlennBeck.com

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