Miller: ‘A few more days like this, Obama’s going to claim he was born in Kenya’

Pundit, comedian and Bill O’Reilly sidekick Dennis Miller commented on the spate of scandals now plaguing the Obama administration beginning with the Benghazi whistleblower testimony refuting White House and State Department.

Dennis Miller
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That was followed up by the discovery that the Internal Revenue Service has been abusing its powers for at least three years and the the Justice Department’s securing of telephone records of Associated Press reporters without notice or a warrant, according to The Daily Caller.

Of the three (so far), Miller agrees with famed Washington Post reporter Carl Bernstein that only the third one will stick.

“Listen, a few more days like this — Obama’s going to claim he was born in Kenya just to get the heat off,” Miller said.

“Listen, nothing is going to happen. Show’s over folks. But the one thing that might stick is the — Bernstein, you’ve seen Bernstein. He’s like Seinfeld’s bit about the crocodile or alligator that lays in the exhibit in the zoo and it says ‘extremely dangerous,’ but he got a buffalo head nickel on his snout from 1904 and a lit cigarette and he’s not moving. That’s Bernstein.”

H/T The Daily Caller


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