Even liberals are talking about impeachment

American Prospect, a liberal flagship publication co-founded by longtime Clinton family friend Robert Reich, is openly worrying about the possibility President Obama could face impeachment over the Benghazi bumbling.

And blaming the media!

American Prospect contributing editor Paul Waldman writes that given “the media’s inability to resist a presidential scandal story … this whole thing might not end unless and until Barack Obama is impeached.”

paulwaldmanIIThat paragraph comes right after Waldman writes that “just a few days ago it looked for all the world like Benghazi would take its place with Solyndra and ‘Fast and Furious’ as one more wished-for scandal that, despite the best efforts of Republicans, failed to take flight.”

“Failed to take flight,” though, is really another way of saying “were ignored or explained away” by a supposedly adversarial press. Try to imagine how “Katrina,” “Abu Ghraib” or “enhanced interrogation” a few years back “failed to take flight.”

Waldman doesn’t explain how the media’s “inability to resist a presidential scandal story.” somehow managed to resist two of them — one that involved the loss of a half-billion taxpayer dollars to White House cronies, another that led to the death of an American border guard and God knows how many others.

He also doesn’t mention the media’s “inability to resist” covering for Obama going back to the Jeremiah Wright “God damn America” days.

And now, four Americans are dead at the hands of foreign savages, the administration is exposed as lying about it from Day One, and Waldman wants his readers to believe Obama’s troubles are all the fault of Fox News, naturally, conservative talk radio, and a Washington press corps that’s suddenly, unaccountably taking an interest in the underside of an administration it’s spent four years cheerleading for.

“The [impeachment] train is moving and there may be no way to stop it,” Waldman concludes.

A pity, that.

Joe Saunders

Joe Saunders, a 25-year newspaper veteran, is a staff writer and editor for BizPac Review who lives in Tallahassee and covers capital and Florida politics. Email Joe at [email protected].


10 thoughts on “Even liberals are talking about impeachment

  1. Rex Crouch says:

    House Resolution 36 will result in Obama's Impeachment.

  2. GogogoStopSTOP says:

    Reich saying this is very curious, indeed. Here's my take: Obama & Moochelle would LOVE to be impeached, FOR THE RIGHT REASON. If they could spin it so that he could run again & feel he could be re-elected, he'd do it in a heart beat. Look, he already acts the martyr, & would give his children to go down in history as the first black phenix.

  3. Boca Legend (@Bocale says:

    Impeachment, my ass. Let's start talking Beheadings…..starting in the Oval Office, then running through the West Wing on our way to State before we finally finish off at the DOJ.

  4. RUSerious says:

    LMFAO! Dumb and dumber anti American treason.

  5. US_Army_Airborne says:

    Actually, if they were to really start an impeachment process, the odds of it getting done with in 8 months is slim, and he would have more than 6 years, so he would be ineligible for another term. But I do agree, that if he were impeached and sat out a term then was able to run again, the morons in this country would vote him back in.

  6. Laurie says:

    I guess some people think that the rest of the people elected and "infallable" president, who has perfect information, knows everything, and is responsible for the actions of every single thing. He is a not micro-manager nor was he elected to be, and everyone knows he's human.

    I have think he's tried to be honest, with integrity, and realistic to the environment he inherited as a president of this "FAIR" land.

    If they couldn't/didn't impeach President Bush II – I don't see how "they" could impeach this one . . . You all need to go and read the Constitution again? He won by a land slide the Republicans have been way-more wrong and are all about sour grapes, which looks like acts of desperation to me.

    But, what do I know, I could be wrong.

    Who is that who said: "The recognition of reality, must use reason" . . . well she really meant to say rational reasoning.

    1. Kelly says:

      You really don't know American History or read about what you man is up too. Such a shame. Just for the record…Bush isn't president…if this Obama can't run the government at the basic level what about Obamacare?…Republican's just can't believe that Progressives, that is the party that is in now, are so believed by so many people to be the cure that ails the United States. If you hate the Constitution and Bill of Rights so much move to another country where Socialism is the way of the land. Obama is being lazy and is a puppet for someone else. I didn't like Busch either but I certainly know the difference between patriotic and progressive.

  7. JACK DOYLE says:

    manny,moe and jerk seeking to impeach?What idiots after the bush lost wars and tax giveaways !

  8. Ted says:

    Impeachment? Forget it. It would cost millions (Clinton?), and he would still be in office. Over Benghazi? Look how fast this went to the background with the AP and IRS dustups. Some congress people are so disparate to block Obama, they are getting nothing done on important legislation. This is what the citizens pay their representatives to do? I say get back to work. Don't start the impeachment stuff, unless you are guaranteed to get it done successfully. If you can't do this, get back to work and get some legislation done, like you are supposed to do. Please.

  9. Lorraine Sheehan says:

    Why blame the news media. It was Obama that didn't take care of it and the newspaper usually sticks up for him no matter what he does wrong

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