Economic Council of PBC enjoys legislative success

With the 2013 Florida legislative session now headed for the history books, the business community reports it scored several wins for Palm Beach County issues.

The Economic Council of Palm Beach County announced the following:

“Our success during this past session can be attributed to coordinating priorities early in the legislative process by the Economic Council and Palm Beach County,” Economic Council CEO Daniel Martell said. One of the shared priorities included appropriations of $6.5 million to Palm Beach State College for its planned Loxahatchee Grove campus which will bring much needed job training to the central western section of the county.

Another shared priority was the extension of alternative water supply consumptive use permits, helping ensure water availability for future generations at affordable rates. The strengthening of criminal justice commissions around the State of Florida was an additional shared success. This legislation allows a state attorney and sheriff to better communicate on criminal investigative matters, promoting a safer environment for businesses and residents to prosper.

“It is an amazing thing when business and government can effectively communicate and share priorities in the legislative process. This is exactly what we should be doing to strengthen our businesses and community,” Martell said recently.

During the first week of the legislative session, members of the Economic Council and other county representatives met with legislators from all over the state, bringing a unified voice for the Palm Beach business community to Tallahassee. “The greatest success of this past session was not necessarily the legislation that was passed but the proof that, when government and business coordinate, great things occur,” Economic Council Chairman Jonathan Satter said.

The Economic Council also coordinated with other business organizations from around the state on additional priorities that passed this year, including legislation relating to public-private partnerships, political subdivisions/mandatory sick leave preemption, and manufacturer tax credits.

While the governor has yet to sign into law all of the items the Economic Council supported, the council’s priority legislation is expected to become law within the coming weeks.

The Economic Council is a not-for-profit, nonpartisan, private business organization established in 1975. Its members represent every geographic area of the county, all major business categories, and all sizes of businesses. These characteristics and the Council’s history of advocating positive change have enabled it to be a respected “voice of business” on issues affecting the Palm Beach County community.

The Economic Council of Palm Beach County is a privately funded organization and its primary mission is to help create policies which encourage business growth. Advocacy is our mechanism to bolster organizations such as the Business Development Board, the many Chambers of Commerce and our current members. For more information please contact Daniel Martell at (561) 684-1551.

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