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CBS reports IRS wrongdoing toward conservative groups began in 2010

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CBS News Congressional correspondent Nancy Cordes reported Monday that the decision by the IRS to target conservative non-profit groups came from the top, and it began as early as 2010, not 2011 as earlier reported.

But the real news, of course, is that the report came not from Breitbart, The Daily Caller or Fox News. The real news is that it came from CBS.

The mainstream media has been accused of being the president’s lapdogs for years, and not without reason. But if you abuse a dog too much, he’ll turn around and bite you.

Last week the the White House Press Corps realized with absolute clarity that the Obama administration had been lying to them from day one on Benghazi.

This week they learned that the phone records of colleagues had been secretly obtained by the Justice Department.

It may be that the press is finally beginning to realize that if it’s going to retain any autonomy and self-respect, it’s time to show some teeth.


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