Panel excoriates media for downplaying decreased crime stats

Saturday’s “Fox News Watch” gang discussed the fact that media are ignoring recently released government statistics indicating that despite headline-screaming shootings, gun violence has actually decreased since 1993.

Referring a poll showing that Americans are under the impression that gun-related violence is on the increase, host Jon Scott asked the panel “Should the media be doing a better job of illuminating people here?” according to Mediaite.

Richard Grenell, former Spokesman for U.S. Ambassadors to the U.N. noted that MSNBC downplayed the Department of Justice data by reporting that “well, this doesn’t necessarily mean the problems been solved.”

New America Foundation’s Jim Pinkerton implied that the media are campaigning for a “gun control agenda that leads them to trumpet school shootings to push the country in a certain direction.”

Catch the rest of the panel’s reactions in the following clip. H/T Mediaite.


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