Muslims furious over secret burial, want Tsarnaev removed from cemetery

As previously reported, Boston bombing suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev went from most wanted to least wanted, as it proved to be almost impossible to find a cemetery willing to take his body.

On Thursday, the long ordeal looked to be over as word leaked out that “a courageous and compassionate individual” helped secure a final resting place, and Tsarnaev was quietly buried in a Muslim cemetery in a small central Virginia community.

Perhaps a little too quietly.

According to a report in the New York Post Saturday, the decision stunned the local community — from Muslim leaders to elected officials, many who are now questioning whether they should have been consulted.

“The whole Muslim community here is furious,” said Imam Ammar Amonette, of the Islamic Center of Virginia. “It was all done secretly behind our backs. Now everybody who’s buried in that cemetery, their loved ones are going to have to go to that place.”

The NY Post further reports that local officials in Caroline County, where the Muslim cemetery is located, “vowed to examine whether any laws were broken in the hush-hush burial — and whether they can send Tsarnaev’s body elsewhere.”

And the journey to hell continues on.

Tom Tillison


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