Gas station Karaoke prank that had Megyn Kelly crying laughing

The couple that pumps gas together, stays together, has taken on a whole new meaning in America after a fantastic prank from “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.”

In fact, the following videos are so outstanding, they prompted a tweet from Fox News’ Megyn Kelly Saturday evening: “My hubby & I are crying laughing. AWESOME!”

Will and Monifa Sims were dancing and singing at pump 16 in Burbank, Calif. getting pranked by Jay Leno and the “Tonight Show,” and are now America’s favorite Karaoke singing sensation.

During Wednesday’s segment of Leno’s “Pumpcast News,” Will Sims became an instant hit when he broke out singing a little Bon Jovi at the gas station to earn what he thought was a free tank of gas.

Wife Monifa was in absolute hysterics, but she soon joined her husband’s jamming efforts to earn free gas with a rendition of the Eurythmics “Sweet Dreams.”

The personable and absolutely fabulous to watch Sims’ so impressed Leno, he invited them on his show to sing with The Tonight Show Band.

“Pumpcast News,” Part One of the Sims’ rocking at the gas station has over four million views on YouTube and Part 2, featuring their performance on Leno, has over a million views.

Sit back and enjoy courtesy of the Tonight Show NBC via YouTube.

Sims’ rock out on “Pumpcast News,” Part One:

“Pumpcast News,” Part Two on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno:”


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