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Jay Carney’s untruth explained to a Dem: ‘That’s called a lie’

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An MSNBC contributor got called out Friday when he couldn’t quite admit that White House chief spokesman Jay Carney had lied to reporters.

Mother Jones Washington Bureau chief David Corn said on MSNBC Friday, “Yeah, Jay Carney has got caught saying something that wasn’t completely true.”

American Enterprise Institute’s Danielle Pletka wouldn’t let that pass and said, “That’s called a lie, David.”

Corn attempted to explain his point. “We in Washington — everything you say that’s not true may not be a lie, but if you want to accept that premise, I’ll happily accuse you of lying when you get things wrong.”

Pletka shot back, “I’ll let you try that out on your kids.”

Match goes to Pletka.

H/T Washington Free Beacon.


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