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Jay Carney blames Mitt Romney for fuss over Benghazi

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As the narrative on the Benghazi consulate attack took a somewhat different turn in the Senate hearings last week, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney came up with a new angle on Friday – blame Mitt Romney.

“The Republicans, again, in this ongoing effort that began hours after these attacks when Mitt Romney put out a press release to try to take political advantage out of these deaths, or, uh out of the attack on Benghazi,” Carney said, stumbling through his explanations of what transpired.

Romney, the Republican nominee in the 2012 presidential race, released a statement shortly after the attack, to the chagrin of Democrats and President Obama.

“From that day forward, there has been this effort to politicize it,” Carney said.

While Carney had to deal with a tough questions from a difficult press, Daily Mail reports there could be a reason behind it.

Many reporters were equally impatient with the White House Press Office, which rescheduled the regular daily briefing twice, first holding instead a closed-door background session with 14 selected reporters.

While Carney initially promised that he would remain in the briefing room ‘as long as you want’ to answer reporters’ questions, he left abruptly with many hands still in the air.

Carney also stumbled over answering questions regarding how the Benghazi talking points were modified a number of times with input from the State Department, as reported by ABC News’ Jonathan Karl on Friday morning.

Watch Carney respond here via National Review Online.


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