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Prim and proper Perino uses the ‘p’ word

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The normally prim, proper and ladylike Dana Perino, of Fox News Channel’s “The Five,” lit off a round of fireworks in the direction of Bob Beckel, one of her co-hosts, on Thursday’s program.

Beckel attempted to compare the terrorist attack on our foreign mission in Benghazi with events that occurred during the Bush-43 administration.

“During the Bush administration, there were 54 foreign missions attacked and 9 diplomats died, and they had one hearing,” he said. “There’s been 9 hearings on Benghazi.”

Colleague and former G.W. Bush press secretary Perino would hear nothing of it.

“Did anybody lie about a — video guy and have him put in jail? Are you kidding me?”

Talking over Beckel’s response, she continued, “There’s a reason for a hearing. Because the White House absolutely changed the facts of intel, accused an innocent American of causing the deaths of four Americans, had a 10-person SWAT team swoop down and put him in jail, tried to cover this up in the media. That didn’t happen when 54 missions were attacked in the Bush administration.”

When Beckel attempted to explain, she demanded, “What kind of a comparison is that?”

Beckel answered, “The outrage that a lot of these Republicans are showing was not shown then.”

“Because there wasn’t a cover-up!” Perino shot back.

Other co-hosts added their thoughts — in defense of Perino, who, at the end of the segment said, “This really pisses me off!” And it did.

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