Student goes off on teacher for being lazy

I don’t know what to make of this video. On one hand, I want to smack the kid in the head, tell him to get a haircut, and show some respect for his elders. But the teacher does seem like a lazy union stooge who knows she can’t get fired, and who could care less if the students learn as long as she gets the summer off, and her taxpayer funded pension.

What do you think?

Original unedited video:

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25 thoughts on “Student goes off on teacher for being lazy

  1. abim says:

    why is this being propagated?

    do you notice him talking like he is rapping?

    he is totally aware of himself being recorded. it is a reality show act. he wants the attention and now youre all giving it to him.

    he is a student. tell him to frigging shut up and do his home work if he truly wants to learn. studying and being educated isnt always fun like playing video games.

    1. Doug Hanks says:

      Exactly. The whole thing was staged.

  2. Vanesa Martinez says:

    Funny how I live in duncanville and it is like this.

  3. Doug Hanks says:

    Other than public ridicule all around what was accomplished?

  4. DesertDutchess says:

    The teachers today are so very limited in what they can and can't do. They are dammed if they do and dammed if they don't. If this student had a complaint, he should have taken it up with her, privately. It seems to me that all he wanted to do here was put a show on. If she would have reprimanded him in front of the class as such, it would be an entirely different story.

  5. Lizz says:

    This actually happened in Texas, and we don't have any statewide teacher's unions, so she's not necessarily a "Union Stooge" as it was so eloquently put. More likely, she is a teacher who's been given a curriculum by her district to "prepare" students for the STAAR test – which is a joke.

    I am a HS teacher in the state myself, and I get this young man's frustration. Our state has moved to a model of teaching kids to test rather than think, and its a problem. It has crafted lazy teachers who hand out packets and do not engage student learning.

    Our government officials are doing everything they can to push out public education and move to a charter program where profit can be made, and that's not the solution either. What this young man wants is a REAL education. Our state, our country, needs to make major changes and start providing it. These are not just kids, they are customers who are supposed to be receiving a product. Unfortunately standardized testing is preventing that.

    I'm proud he stood up for himself, and the fact that he didn't cuss at her is a testament to his self control. Most kids wouldn't have been so restrained.

  6. raypynchon says:

    It is indeed a case by case basis. I teach a lot of difficult kids. It is mostly a positive experience because I'm passionate and engaging. My palpable love of the curriculum engages the students. However, there are times when you could 4-6 17 yr old students who have no desire to be there and show no respect for you and the other students. There are many bad teachers who don't teach and bully non-union–non-tenured teachers. This kid could be someone who doesn't do any work or takes little responsibility for his learning. It is complex….

  7. Rhonda Marecek says:



  8. Kenneth Clark says:

    All hair aside… Had this young man not not been recorded, we would have never heard of this because the teacher would have recommended him to a psychologist for a hefty prescription of Ritalin or another mind altering and numbing drug to bring him in line with the idea of the perfect student. One whom just goes with the flow and accepts what ever is shoved through his ears. I think the student who recorded this as well as the young man speaking should be offered scholarships for their ability to bring to light this and other teachers like her, and their are many across this nation.

  9. Dmonte Small says:

    What that young man said is true. If you where to go into a high school class about 90 percent of the class is doing a packet. Some teachers do teach and some hate being teachers. In one of my classes I have a teacher who loves to teach she makes me want to learn and strike to go to college. Then I have that one teacher who sits at her desk playing on a iPad or telling " hood stories " about her life. Yes sometimes I don't want to go to school because the days are long but I do care about my education. If more people stood up like this we could have a better school system and people wonder why the Chinese are beating us. Maybe we as a nation should look in a mirror and decide what we should do for our country and for the future of our children.

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