In the liberal press, Benghazi was just a ‘tragic accident’

How far gone are our compatriots on the left?

So far gone that this is how the American Prospect, a magazine co-founded in 1990 by Clinton’s Labor secretary Robert Reich, starts off a lead column published Tuesday:

“Yet again, congressional Republicans have devoted time and energy to hitting the Obama administration over the incident in Benghazi, Libya, where a diplomat and several other State Department employees were killed in an assault by a heavily-armed group. The administration insists that this was a tragic accident, and an investigation has cleared officials of wrongdoing or serious mistakes …”

You have to love the word choice. An assault by a “heavily-armed group” on an American diplomatic compound is “the incident in Benghazi.” Rocket-propelled grenades raining down on a helpless ambassador and his staff is a “tragic accident” devoid of even “serious mistakes.”

It’s crazy.

Granted, the D.C.-based American Prospect isn’t the New York Times, but it’s no outlier in liberal thinking either. Another co-founder is co-editor is Robert Kuttner, a longtime Business Week columnist and a contributing columnist for the (NYT-owned) Boston Globe.

When a publication with that kind of pedigree sees fit to describe an American diplomatic disaster as a “tragic accident” — of no more moment than a Beltway pileup at cocktail hour – it gives you a pretty good idea of what passes for thought in progressive circles.

The Times and its ilk have to put up a respectable front. But when libs are writing in the American Prospect – or the Nation or Mother Jones – they’re writing for the base that twice managed to elect Barack Obama to the presidency.

So you can understand that among themselves they use sterile euphemisms like “incident” and “accident” to describe terrorism and murder. And why they cheered in January when Hillary Clinton – a close friend of Reich’s at Yale Law – tried to end questions about the deaths of four Americans in her charge with a dismissive “what difference does it make?”

They’ve convinced themselves that those deaths, and how they were allowed to happen, make no difference at all. And they think they can convince the country, too.
Are they right?

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