Cruz looks to block illegal immigrants from ever receiving welfare

Ted Cruz
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U.S. Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) has filed a number of amendments to the comprehensive immigration reform bill being drafted by the so called “Gang of Eight,” one of which, if passed, may serve as a “Cruz” missile in stopping the bill in its tracks.

The amendment, labeled “Cruz 2” on the Senate Judiciary Committee website, would block any illegal immigrant from receiving any state, local, or federal welfare or public benefits, reports.

Its stated purpose is to “provide that aliens who have entered or remained present in the United States while not in lawful status shall not be eligible for means-tested benefits,” to include Obamacare.

As reported by Breitbart, the language specifically says:

“…no illegal immigrant who broke the law to enter or stay in the country “shall be eligible for any Federal, State, or local government means-tested benefit, nor shall such alien be eligible for any benefit under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act Pub. L. 111-148), regardless of the alien’s legal status at the time of application for such benefit.”

While such an amendment has little chance of passing in the Democrat-controlled U.S. Senate, it would go a long way toward addressing concerns brought forth this week by the Heritage Foundation, which has stated the current bill will eventually cost taxpayers $6.3 Trillion.

As Breitbart notes, illegal immigrants are precluded from access to most federal, state, or local public benefits — although many agencies don’t check immigration status — however, the bill under consideration would allow them to access many state and local benefits immediately upon legalization and would incrementally allow them to access federal benefits on the “path to citizenship,”  according to Senate Budget Committee ranking member Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL).

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