Mother of Benghazi victim rebukes Hillary Clinton: ‘I blame her’

On the eve of the Benghazi congressional hearings Pat Smith spoke with CNN about her quest for facts over the past eight months. Smith is the mother of State Department information officer Sean Smith, who was killed during the attacks on Sept. 11, 2012.

“How are you holding up?” CNN host Jake Tapper asked Smith.

“Terrible,” Smith said as her voice cracked emotionally. “I cry every night. I don’t sleep at night. I need answers.”

“Have you heard from anybody in the Obama administration?” Tapper asked.

“I got one telephone call from a clerk that was a couple days after it happened,” Smith replied. “Since then, all they have told me is that I am not part of the immediate family so they don’t want to tell me anything.”

Tapper asked Smith about her reaction to former Sec. of State Hillary Clinton’s infamous hearing testimony where Clinton said she wanted to find out what happened.

“Well that’s what I want to know. Why did it happen? Why couldn’t she do something about it? I blame her,” Smith said. “It’s her department. Who’s running the place?”

Smith will be attending the hearing Wednesday and hopes to get answers to her questions.

Tapper remarked, with a slight chuckle, that he wasn’t surprised Smith hadn’t received any answers because he hadn’t gotten any either.

Watch the CNN interview of Smith here.

H/T Mediaite

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