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Hagel declares war on troops’ pin-up girls

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Chuck Hagel has his priorities.

The country’s in the middle of a war against terrorists. The administration he serves all but admits the military he’s in charge of can’t or won’t back up tough talk to Syria. But the Defense secretary keeps his eyes on the prize.

According to the Military Times, Hagel has ordered inspections to make sure American soldiers, sailors and marines the world over have only G-rated material in their workplace.

The mission is  to ensure there are no “materials that create a degrading or offensive work environment,” Military Times reports.

According to the paper, the effort will be similar to one performed by the Air Force last year that “prompted officers to scour troops’ desks and cubicles in search of photos, calendars, magazines, screen-savers, computer files and other items that might be considered degrading toward women.”

The move is being spun as way to cut down sexual assaults in the military, but most women in uniform – who only a couple of months ago got approved for more active combat — probably have bigger things to worry about than what’s on a fellow soldier’s screen saver.

And Betty Grable would have looked lousy in a burkha.


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