Veteran offers dead Boston bombing suspect her National Cemetery plot

Air Force vetAs previously reported, Boston bombing suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev has gone from most wanted to least wanted, as it is becoming next to impossible to find a cemetery willing to take his body.

Astonishingly, a US Air Force veteran has stepped up and offered her burial plot at Arlington National Cemetery to the deceased terrorist suspect.

Veteran Julie Frein is willing to give up her plot to Tsarnaev, telling Fox45 she feels he should be able to be laid to rest and just wants it to all be over.

“I feel sympathy for [his family] in that as long as this issue is open, they can’t have closure,” Frein said.

It’s unclear how Frein feels about the families of those who lost their lives as a result of Tsarnaev’s actions, or all the victims still dealing with the aftermath, as these questions did not come up in the Fox45 interview.

When asked how she thought Americans might react to Tsarnaev being buried in a national cemetery, Frein answered, “Well the country would just have to get over that, wouldn’t they? Because nobody, nobody deserves to rot above ground.”

The report states that Frein has already begun the process of contacting the Office of Veteran Affairs to see if she will be able to offer up her plot.

After watching the report, it’s clear this emotionally frail vet is in greater need of sympathy than any angst Americans may want to direct toward her.

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Tom Tillison


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